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Game Programming Gems 4
Edited by Andrew Kirmse
Charles River Media, 2004
ISBN 1-58450-205-9


The Science of Debugging Games
Steve Rabin
Pages 5–18
An HTML-Based Logging and Debugging System
James Boer
Pages 19–26
The Clock: Keeping Your Finger on the Pulse of the Game
Noel Llopis
Pages 27–34
Designing and Maintaining Large Cross-Platform Libraries
David Etherton
Pages 35–41
Fight Memory Fragmentation with Templated Freelists
Paul Glinker
Pages 43–49
A Generic Tree Container in C++
Bill Budge
Pages 51–59
The Beauty of Weak References and Null Objects
Noel Llopis
Pages 61–68
A System for Managing Game Entities
Matthew Harmon
Pages 69–83
Address-Space Managed Dynamic Arrays for Windows and the Xbox
Matt Pritchard
Pages 85–93
Critically Damped Ease-In/Ease-Out Smoothing
Thomas Lowe
Pages 95–101
A Flexible On-the-Fly Object Manager
Natalya Tatarchuk
Pages 103–110
Using Custom RTTI Properties to Stream and Edit Objects
Frederic My
Pages 111–124
Using XML Without Sacrificing Speed
Mark T. Price
Pages 125–135
Zobrist Hash Using the Mersenne Twister
Toby Jones
Pages 141–146
Extracting Frustum and Camera Information
Waldemar Celes
Pages 147–156
Solving Accuracy Problems in Large World Coordinates
Peter Freese
Pages 157–170
Nonuniform Splines
Thomas Lowe
Pages 171–181
Using the Covariance Matrix for Better-Fitting Bounding Objects
Jim Van Verth
Pages 183–192
The Jacobian Transpose Method for Inverse Kinematics
Marco Spoerl
Pages 193–204
Ten Fingers of Death: Algorithms for Combat Killing
Roger Smith, Don Stoner
Pages 209–219
Vehicle Physics Simulation for CPU-Limited Systems
Marcin Pancewicz, Paul Bragiel
Pages 221–230
Writing a Vertlet-Based Physics Engine
Nick Porcino
Pages 231–240
Constraints in Rigid Body Dynamics
Russ Smith
Pages 241–251
Fast Contact Reduction for Dynamics Simulation
Ádám Moravánszky, Pierre Terdiman
Pages 253–263
Interactive Water Surfaces
Jerry Tessendorf
Pages 265–274
Fast Deformations with Multilayered Physics
Thomas Di Giacomo
Pages 275–285
Modal Analysis for Fast, Stable Deformation
James F. O’Brien
Pages 287–298
Third-Person Camera Navigation
Jonathan Stone
Pages 303–314
Narrative Combat: Using AI to Enhance Tension in an Action Game
Borut Pfeifer
Pages 315–324
NPC Decision Making: Dealing with Randomness
Karén Pivazyan
Pages 325–335
An Object-Oriented Utility-Based Decision Architecture
John Hancock
Pages 337–344
A Distributed-Reasoning Voting Architecture
John Hancock
Pages 345–354
Attractors and Repulsors
John Olsen
Pages 355–364
Advanced Wall Building for RTS Games
Mario Grimani
Pages 365–372
Artificial Neural Networks on Programmable Graphics Hardware
Thomas Rolfes
Pages 373–377
Poster Quality Screenshots
Steve Rabin
Pages 383–392
GPU Shadow Volume Construction for Nonclosed Meshes
Warrick Buchanan
Pages 393–398
Perspective Shadow Maps
Marc Stamminger, George Drettakis, Carsten Dachsbacher
Pages 399–410
Combined Depth and ID-Based Shadow Buffers
Kurt Pelzer
Pages 411–425
Carving Static Shadows into Geometry
Alex Vlachos
Pages 427–435
Adjusting Real-Time Lighting for Shadow Volumes and Optimized Meshes
Alex Vlachos, Chris Oat
Pages 437–441
Real-Time Halftoning: Fast and Simple Stylized Shading
Bert Freudenberg, Maic Masuch, Thomas Strothotte
Pages 443–449
Techniques to Apply Team Colors to 3D Models
Greg Seegert
Pages 451–459
Fast Sepia Tone Conversion
Marwan Y. Ansari
Pages 461–463
Dynamic Gamma Using Sampled Scene Luminance
Michael Dougherty, Dave McCoy
Pages 465–475
Heat and Haze Post-Processing Effects
Chris Oat, Natalya Tatarchuk
Pages 477–485
Hardware Skinning with Quaternions
Jim Hejl
Pages 487–495
Motion Capture Data Compression
Søren Hannibal
Pages 497–502
Fast Collision Detection for 3D Bones-Based Articulated Characters
Oliver Heim, Carl Marshall, Adam Lake
Pages 503–514
Terrain Occlusion Culling with Horizons
Glenn Fiedler
Pages 515–527
General Lobby Design and Development
Shekhar Dhupelia
Pages 533–539
Thousands of Clients per Server
Adam Martin
Pages 541–553
Efficient MMP Game State Storage
Justin Quimby
Pages 555–561
Practical Application of Parallel-State Machines in a Client-Server Environment
Jay Lee
Pages 563–570
Bit Packing: A Network Compression Technique
Pete Isensee
Pages 571–578
Time and Consistency Management for Multiserver-Based MMORPGs
Larry Shi, Tao Zhang
Pages 579–589
A Brief Introduction to OpenAL
Joe Valenzuela
Pages 595–606
A Simple Real-Time Lip Synching System
Jake Simpson
Pages 607–611
Dynamic Variables and Audio Programming
James Boer
Pages 613–619
Creating an Audio Scripting System
Borut Pfeifer
Pages 621–631
Implementing an Environmental Audio Solution Using EAX and ZoomFX
Scott Velasquez
Pages 633–647
Controlling Real-Time Sound Synthesis from Game Physics
Frank Luchs
Pages 649–656