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Articles by Chris Oat

Textures as Lookup Tables for Per-Pixel Lighting Computations
Alex Vlachos, John Isidoro, Chris Oat
Game Programming Gems 3, Pages 467–476
Adjusting Real-Time Lighting for Shadow Volumes and Optimized Meshes
Alex Vlachos, Chris Oat
Game Programming Gems 4, Pages 437–441
Heat and Haze Post-Processing Effects
Chris Oat, Natalya Tatarchuk
Game Programming Gems 4, Pages 477–485
Spatial Binning on the GPU
Chris Oat, Joshua Barczak, Jeremy Shopf
GPU Pro, Pages 679–692
Practical and Realistic Facial Wrinkles Animation
Jorge Jimenez, Jose I. Echevarria, Chris Oat, Diego Gutierrez
GPU Pro 2, Pages 15–27