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Game Programming Gems 3
Edited by Dante Treglia
Charles River Media, 2002
ISBN 1-58450-233-9


Scheduling Game Events
Michael Harvey, Carl Marshall
Pages 5–14
An Object-Composition Game Frameworkd
Scott Patterson
Pages 15–25
Finding Redeeming Value in C-Style Macros
Steve Rabin
Pages 26–37
Platform-Independent Function-Binding Code Generator
Allen Pouratian
Pages 38–43
Handle-Based Smart Pointers
Brian Hawkins
Pages 44–48
Custom STL Allocators
Pete Isensee
Pages 49–58
Save Me Now!
Martin Brownlow
Pages 59–63
Autolists Design Pattern
Ben Board
Pages 64–68
Floating-Point Exception Handling
Søren Hannibal
Pages 69–72
Programming a Game Design-Compliant Engine Using UML
Thomas Demachy
Pages 73–82
Using Lex and Yacc To Parse Custom Data Files
Paul Kelly
Pages 83–91
Developing Games for a World Market
Aaron Nicholls
Pages 92–108
Real-Time Input and UI in 3D Games
Greg Seegert
Pages 109–116
Natural Selection: The Evolution of Pie Menus
Don Hopkins
Pages 117–128
Lightweight, Policy-Based Logging
Brian Hawkins
Pages 129–135
Journaling Services
Eric Robert
Pages 136–145
Real-Time Hierarchical Profiling
Greg Hjelstrom, Byon Garrabrant
Pages 146–152
Fast Base-2 Functions for Logarithms and Random Number Generation
James McNeill
Pages 157–159
Using Vector Fractions for Exact Geometry
Thomas Young
Pages 160–169
More Approximations to Trigonometric Functions
Robin Green
Pages 170–186
Quaternion Compression
Mark Zarb-Adami
Pages 187–191
Constrained Inverse Kinematics
Jason Weber
Pages 192–199
Cellular Automata for Physical Modeling
Tom Forsyth
Pages 200–214
Coping with Friction in Dynamic Simulations
Miguel Gomez
Pages 215–226
Optimized Machine Learning with GoCap
Thor Alexander
Pages 231–239
Area Navigation: Expanding the Path-Finding Paradigm
Ben Board, Mike Ducker
Pages 240–255
Function Pointer-Based, Embedded Finite-State Machines
Charles Farris
Pages 256–267
Terrain Analysis in an RTS—The Hidden Giant
Daniel Higgins
Pages 268–284
An Extensible Trigger System for AI Agents, Objects, and Quests
Steve Rabin
Pages 285–293
Tactical Path-Finding with A*
William van der Sterren
Pages 294–306
A Fast Approach to Navigation Meshes
Stephen White, Christopher Christensen
Pages 307–320
Choosing a Relationship Between Path-Finding and Collision
Thomas Young
Pages 321–332
T-Junction Elimination and Retriangulation
Eric Lengyel
Pages 338–343
Fast Heightfield Normal Calculation
Jason Shankel
Pages 344–348
Fast Patch Normals
Martin Brownlow
Pages 349–352
Fast and Simple Occlusion Culling
Wagner Corrêa, James Klosowski, Cláudio Silva
Pages 353–358
Triangle Strip Creation, Optimizations, and Rendering
Carl Marshall
Pages 359–366
Computing Optimized Shadow Volumes for Complex Data Sets
Alex Vlachos, Drew Card
Pages 367–371
Subdivision Surfaces for Character Animation
William Leeson
Pages 372–383
Improved Deformation of Bones
Jason Weber
Pages 384–393
A Framework for Realistic Character Locomotion
Thomas Young
Pages 394–403
A Programmable Vertex Shader Compiler
Adam Lake
Pages 404–412
Billboard Beams
Brian Hawkins
Pages 413–416
3D Tricks for Isometic Engines
Greg Snook
Pages 417–423
Curvature Simulation Using Normal Maps
Oscar Blasco
Pages 424–432
Methods for Dynamic, Photorealistic Terrain Lighting
Naty Hoffman, Kenny Mitchell
Pages 433–443
Cube Map Lighting Techniques
Kenneth Hurley
Pages 444–451
Procedural Texturing
Mike Milliger
Pages 452–458
Unique Textures
Tom Forsyth
Pages 459–466
Textures as Lookup Tables for Per-Pixel Lighting Computations
Alex Vlachos, John Isidoro, Chris Oat
Pages 467–476
Rendering with Handcrafted Shading Models
Jan Kautz
Pages 477–483
Minimizing Latency in Real-Time Strategy Games
Jim Greer, Zack Booth Simpson
Pages 488–495
Real-Time Strategy Network Protocol
Jan Svarovsky
Pages 496–505
A Flexible Simulation Architecture for Massively Multiplayer Games
Thor Alexander
Pages 506–519
Scaling Multiplayer Servers
Justin Randall
Pages 520–533
Template-Based Object Serialization
Jason Beardsley
Pages 534–545
Secure Sockets
Pete Isensee
Pages 546–556
A Network Monitoring and Simulation Tool
Andrew Kirmse
Pages 557–560
Creating Multiplayer Games with DirectPlay 8.1
Gabriel Rohweder
Pages 561–572
Wireless Gaming Using the Java Micro Edition
David Fox
Pages 573–581
Audio Compression with Ogg Vorbis
Jack Moffitt
Pages 587–594
Creating a Compelling 3D Audio Environment
Garin Heibert
Pages 595–599
Obstruction Using Axis-Aligned Bounding Boxes
Carlo Vogelsang
Pages 600–605
Using the Biquad Resonant Filter
Phil Burk
Pages 606–612
Linear Predictive Coding for Voice Compression and Effects
Eddie Edwards
Pages 613–621
The Stochastic Synthesis of Complex Sounds
Phil Burk
Pages 622–629
Real-Time Modular Audio Processing for Games
Frank Luchs
Pages 630–638