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Game Programming Gems 2
Edited by Mark DeLoura
Charles River Media, 2001
ISBN 1-58450-054-9


Optimization for C++ Games
Andrew Kirmse
Pages 5–15
Inline Functions Versus Macros
Peter Dalton
Pages 16–19
Programming with Abstract Interfaces
Noel Llopis
Pages 20–27
Exporting C++ Classes from DLLs
Herbert Marselas
Pages 28–32
Protect Yourself from DLL Hell and Missing OS Functions
Herbert Marselas
Pages 33–37
Dynamic Type Information
Scott Wakeling
Pages 38–45
A Property Class for Generic C++ Member Access
Charles Cafrelli
Pages 46–50
A Game Entity Factory
François Dominic Laramée
Pages 51–61
Adding Deprecation Facilities to C++
Noel Llopis
Pages 62–65
A Drop-in Debug Memory Manager
Peter Dalton
Pages 66–73
A Built-in Game Profiling Module
Jeff Evertt
Pages 74–79
Linear Programming Model for Windows-based Games
Javier F. Otaegui
Pages 80–84
Stack Winding
Bryon Hapgood
Pages 85–90
Self-Modifying Code
Bryon Hapgood
Pages 91–99
File Management Using Resource Files
Bruno Sousa
Pages 100–104
Game Input Recording and Playback
Bruce Dawson
Pages 105–111
A Flexible Text Parsing System
James Boer
Pages 112–117
A Generic Tweaker
Lasse Staff Jensen
Pages 118–126
Genuine Random Number Generation
Pete Isensee
Pages 127–132
Using Bloom Filters to Improve Computational Performance
Mark Fischer
Pages 133–140
3ds max Skin Exporter and Animation Toolkit
Marco Tombesi
Pages 141–152
Using Web Cameras in Video Games
Nathan d’Obrenan
Pages 153–162
Floating-Point Tricks: Improving Performance with IEEE Floating Point
Yossarian King
Pages 167–181
Vector and Plane Tricks
John Olsen
Pages 182–190
Fast, Robust Intersection of 3D Line Segments
Graham Rhodes
Pages 191–204
Inverse Trajectory Determination
Aaron Nicholls
Pages 205–214
The Parallel Transport Frame
Carl Dougan
Pages 215–219
Smooth C2 Quaternion-based Flythrough Paths
Alex Vlachos, John Isidoro
Pages 220–227
Recursive Dimensional Clustering: A Fast Algorithm for Collision Detection
Steve Rabin
Pages 228–238
Programming Fractals
Jesse Laeuchli
Pages 239–246
Strategies for Optimizing AI
Steve Rabin
Pages 251–257
Micro-Threads for Game Object AI
Bruce Dawson
Pages 258–264
Managing AI with Micro-Threads
Simon Carter
Pages 265–272
An Architecture for RTS Command Queuing
Steve Rabin
Pages 273–278
A High-Performance Tile-based Line-of-Sight and Search System
Matt Pritchard
Pages 279–286
Influence Mapping
Paul Tozour
Pages 287–297
Strategic Assessment Techniques
Paul Tozour
Pages 298–306
Terrain Reasoning for 3D Action Games
William van der Sterren
Pages 307–316
Expanded Geometry for Points-of-Visibility Pathfinding
Thomas Young
Pages 317–323
Optimizing Points-of-Visibility Pathfinding
Thomas Young
Pages 324–329
Flocking with Teeth: Predators and Prey
Steven Woodcock
Pages 330–336
A Generic Fuzzy State Machine in C++
Eric Dysband
Pages 337–341
Imploding Combinatorial Explosion in a Fuzzy System
Michael Zarozinski
Pages 342–350
Using a Neural Network in a Game: A Concrete Example
John Manslow
Pages 351–357
Comparison of VIPM Methods
Tom Forsyth
Pages 363–376
Simplified Terrain Using Interlocking Tiles
Greg Snook
Pages 377–383
Sphere Trees for Fast Visibility Culling, Ray Tracing, and Range Searching
John Ratcliff
Pages 384–387
Compressed Axis-Aligned Bounding Box Trees
Miguel Gomez
Pages 388–393
Direct Access Quadtree Lookup
Matt Pritchard
Pages 394–401
Approximating Fish Tank Refractions
Alex Vlachos
Pages 402–405
Rendering Print Resolution Screenshots
Alex Vlachos, Evan Hart
Pages 406–410
Applying Decals to Arbitrary Surfaces
Eric Lengyel
Pages 411–415
Rendering Distant Scenery with Skyboxes
Jason Shankel
Pages 416–420
Self-Shadowing Characters
Alex Vlachos, David Gosselin, Jason Mitchell
Pages 421–424
Class Super Mario 64 Third-Person Control and Animation
Steve Rabin
Pages 425–432
Cartoon Rendering: Real-Time Silhouette Edge Detection and Rendering
Carl Marshall
Pages 436–443
Cartoon Rendering Using Texture Mapping and Programmable Vertex Shaders
Adam Lake
Pages 444–451
Dynamic Per-Pixel Lighting Techniques
Dan Ginsburg, David Gosselin
Pages 452–462
Generating Procedural Clouds Using 3D Hardware
Kim Pallister
Pages 463–473
Texture Masking for Faster Lens Flare
Chris Maughan
Pages 474–480
Practical Priority Buffer Shadows
Sim Dietrich
Pages 481–487
Impostors: Adding Clutter
Tom Forsyth
Pages 488–496
Operations for Hardware-Accelerated Procedural Texture Animation
Greg James
Pages 497–509
Game Audio Design Patterns
Scott Patterson
Pages 514–520
A Technique to Instantaneously Reuse Voices in a Sample-based Synthesizer
Thomas Engel
Pages 521–524
Software-based DSP Effects
Ian Lewis
Pages 525–528
Interactive Processing Pipeline for Digital Audio
Keith Weiner
Pages 529–538
A Basic Music Sequencer for Games
Scott Patterson
Pages 539–550
An Interactive Music Sequencer for Games
Scott Patterson
Pages 551–558
A Low-Level Sound API
Ian Lewis
Pages 559–560