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Graphics Gems III
Edited by David Kirk
Academic Press, 1992
ISBN 0-12-409672-7
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Fast Bitmap Stretching
Tomas Akenine-Möller
Pages 4–7
General Filtered Image Rescaling
Dale Schumacher
Pages 8–16
Optimization of Bitmap Scaling Operations
Dale Schumacher
Pages 17–19
A Simple Color Reduction Filter
Dennis Bragg
Pages 20–22
Compact Isocontours from Sampled Data
Doug Moore, Joe Warren
Pages 23–28
Generating Isovalue Contours from a Pixmap
Tim Feldman
Pages 29–33
Compositing Black-and-White Bitmaps
David Salesin, Ronen Barzel
Pages 34–35
2½-D Depth-of-Field Simulation for Computer Animation
Cary Scofield
Pages 36–38
A Fast Boundary Generator for Composited Regions
Eric Furman
Pages 39–43
IEEE Fast Square Root
Steve Hill
Pages 48–48
A Simple Fast Memory Allocator
Steve Hill
Pages 49–50
The Rolling Ball
Andrew J. Hanson
Pages 51–60
Interval Arithmetic
Jon Rokne
Pages 61–66
Fast Generation of Cyclic Sequences
Alan W. Paeth
Pages 67–76
A Generic Pixel Selection Mechanism
Alan W. Paeth
Pages 77–79
Nonuniform Random Point Sets via Warping
Peter Shirley
Pages 80–83
Cross Product in Four Dimensions and Beyond
Ronald Goldman
Pages 84–88
Face-Connected Line Segment Generation in an n-Dimensional Space
Didier Badouel, Charles A. Wüthrich
Pages 89–91
Quaternion Interpolation with Extra Spins
Jack C. Morrison
Pages 96–97
Decomposing Projective Transformations
Ronald Goldman
Pages 98–107
Decomposing Linear and Affine Transformations
Ronald Goldman
Pages 108–116
Fast Random Rotation Matrices
James Arvo
Pages 117–120
Issues and Techniques for Keyframing Transformations
Paul Dana
Pages 121–123
Uniform Random Rotations
Ken Shoemake
Pages 124–132
Interpolation Using Bézier Curves
Gershon Elber
Pages 133–136
Rigid Physically Based Superquadrics
A. H. Barr
Pages 137–159
A Parametric Elliptical Arc Algorithm
Jerry Van Aken, Ray Simar
Pages 164–172
Simple Connection Algorithm for 2-D Drawing
Claudio Rosati
Pages 173–181
A Fast Circle Clipping Algorithm
Raman V. Srinivasan
Pages 182–187
Exact Computation of 2-D Intersections
Clifford A. Shaffer, Charles D. Feustel
Pages 188–192
Joining Two Lines with a Circular Arc Fillet
Robert D. Miller
Pages 193–198
Faster Line Segment Intersection
Franklin Antonio
Pages 199–202
Solving the Problem of Apollonius and Other Related Problems
Constantin A. Sevici
Pages 203–209
Triangles Revisited
Fernando J. López-López
Pages 215–218
Partitioning a 3-D Convex Polygon with an Arbitrary Plane
Norman Chin
Pages 219–222
Signed Distance from Point to Plane
Príamos Georgiades
Pages 223–224
Grouping Linear Coplanar Polygons into Coplanar Sets
David Salesin, Filippo Tampieri
Pages 225–230
Newell's Method for Computing the Plane Equation of a Polygon
Filippo Tampieri
Pages 231–232
Plane-To-Plane Intersection
Príamos Georgiades
Pages 233–235
Triangle-Cube Intersection
Douglas Voorhies
Pages 236–239
Fast n-Dimensional Extent Overlap Testing
Len Wagner, Mike Fusco
Pages 240–243
Subdividing Simplices
Doug Moore
Pages 244–249
Understanding Simploids
Doug Moore
Pages 250–255
Converting Bézier Triangles into Rectangular Patches
Dani Lischinski
Pages 256–261
Curve Tessellation Criteria Through Sampling
Terence Lindgren, Juan Sanchez, James Hall
Pages 262–265
Ray Tracing with the BSP Tree
Kelvin Sung, Peter Shirley
Pages 271–274
Intersecting a Ray with a Quadric Surface
Joseph M. Cychosz, Warren N. Waggenspack, Jr.
Pages 275–283
Use of Residency Masks and Object Space Partitioning to Eliminate Ray-Object Intersection Calculations
Joseph M. Cychosz
Pages 284–287
A Panoramic Virtual Screen for Ray Tracing
Ken Musgrave
Pages 288–294
Rectangular Bounding Volumes for Popular Primitives
Ben Trumbore
Pages 295–300
A Linear-Time Simple Bounding Volume Algorithm
Xiaolin Wu
Pages 301–306
Physically Correct Direct Lighting for Distribution Ray Tracing
Changyaw Wang
Pages 307–313
Hemispherical Projection of a Triangle
Buming Bian
Pages 314–317
Linear Radiosity Approximation Using Vertex-to-Vertex Form Factors
Nelson Max, Michael J. Allison
Pages 318–323
Delta Form-Factor Calculation for the Cubic Tetrahedral Algorithm
Jeffrey C. Beran-Koehn, Mark J. Pavicic
Pages 324–328
Accurate Form-Factor Computation
Filippo Tampieri
Pages 329–333
The Shadow Depth Map Revisited
Andrew Woo
Pages 338–342
Fast Linear Color Rendering
Russel C. H. Cheng
Pages 343–348
Edge and Bit-Mask Calculations for Anti-Aliasing
Russel C. H. Cheng
Pages 349–354
Fast Span Conversion: Unrolling Short Loops
Thom Grace
Pages 355–357
Progressive Image Refinement via Gridded Sampling
Steve Hollasch
Pages 358–361
Accurate Polygon Scan Conversion Using Half-Open Intervals
Kurt Fleischer, David Salesin
Pages 362–365
Andrew S. Glassner
Pages 366–368
Anti-Aliasing in Triangular Pixels
Andrew S. Glassner
Pages 369–373
Motion Blur on Graphics Workstations
John Snyder, Ronen Barzel, Steve Gabriel
Pages 374–382
The Shader Cache: A Rendering Pipeline Accelerator
James Arvo, Cary Scofield
Pages 383–389