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Articles by Daniel Scherzer

Temporal Screen-Space Ambient Occlusion
Oliver Mattausch, Daniel Scherzer, Michael Wimmer
GPU Pro 2, Pages 123–141
Fast Soft Shadows with Temporal Coherence
Daniel Scherzer, Michael Schwärzler, Oliver Mattausch
GPU Pro 2, Pages 243–255
Volumetric Real-Time Water and Foam Rendering
Daniel Scherzer, Florian Bagar, Oliver Mattausch
GPU Pro 3, Pages 119–131
Efficient Online Visibility for Shadow Maps
Oliver Mattausch, Jiri Bittner, Ari Silvennoinen, Daniel Scherzer, Michael Wimmer
GPU Pro 3, Pages 233–242
Real-Time Deep Shadow Maps
René Fürst, Oliver Mattausch, Daniel Scherzer
GPU Pro 4, Pages 253–264